the konkan route

it was about 8:00 pm when the train left from Ernakulam. The sky was dark already and got darker with the monsoon clouds. It was raining, felt as if someone up above didn’t want me to leave. I sat in the train with a heavy heart and the salwar drawn up above the ankle to keep it safe from being wet with the rain water inside the compartment. Someone had left the rickety windows of the second-class compartment open. Slowly, I slept. (too much senti stuff, putting a stop here… :D)

while travelling in train, the morning wakes you up earlier than usual. The call of chai chai…kaapi kaapi, won’t allow you to dream on and snuggle yourself for long, especially if you are on the lower berth. Obviously, as the bright light of the day starts pouring in; one has to ensure that the sleeping posture is decent enough for the co-passengers. Slowly, I got up and looked outside and my jaw dropped on seeing the beauty outside. These are the pleasures of travelling through more than 700 odd kms of Konkan Route and that too in a second class compartment (AC compartment won’t give you these visuals). Enjoy.

WP_20140823_051 WP_20140823_016 WP_20140823_046 WP_20140823_023 WP_20140823_008 AdobePhotoshopExpress_aac5480005be41e399d650cbb659e1f2_jpg


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