the land has given me shelter and food

“I don’t leave it empty, even the small piece of land I have. With financial help from tribal department, today my field is full of tomatoes and chilly”. It is the proud statement by Varjulbhai a tribal farmer from Velvach village of Valsad district, which has predominant tribal population.

varjulbhai in his farm, though he is shy, was very keen to take me around the farm

Varjulbhai of Velvach village owns half acre land and initiated cultivation of vegetables with financial support from tribal department. Along with his wife, he now produces tomatoes, brinjal (egg plant) and lady’s finger (okra), which he directly sells at the nearby market. He now owns a house to live respectfully with his wife and children.

Valsad is best known as the mango district of Southern Gujarat, India. Blessed with abundant natural wealth, Valsad receives an approximate annual rainfall of around 2200mm. Valsad also has its place in the history as one of the princely states of yesteryears. The name Valsad is derived from historical name Vad-saal, which means full of banyan trees in Gujarati (local language). Valsad district is mainly divided in to five blocks, Dharampur, Valsad, Kaprada, Pardi and Umargaon. Of which Dharampur and Kaprada are predominantly tribal and is enveloped by the Western Ghat mountain region. Valsad has a tribal population of around 60 per cent out of its total populace of 1.5 million.

a happy man front of his home



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