Month: March 2015

wheel of fortune

vautha fair is a major animal trade that takes place in Gujarat every year. donkeys from all across india are brought in for trading. the fair is considered quite similar to the more famous pushkar camel fair. People in thousands gather at the fair for entertainment and amusement. Dont forget to visit vautha this year.


finding alleppy

have your heard of the duck curry accompanied with succulent appams (a kind of pancake made with fermented rice paste /coconut and toddy, if you are lucky) Or the unending streams of picturesque backwaters. The older generation would also associate the place with many a freedom struggles, political uproar and the once famous coir industry. The place I am referring to is the rice bowl of Kerala and the Venice of the east; a district known as Alleppey and for many its Alappuzha (meaningĀ ‘The land lies between sea and its rivers).

I am one of the many daughter in-laws Alleppey would have. Like most of them, my visit is always shrouded with many plans to see that and eat this. However, each visit remains a surprise till the end. And of course more plans are made for the next visit.

Luckily this time, I was more blessed to have got a guided tour to the backyard. No way, i am not complaining. Even the backyard in Alleppey is worth taking a tour. And to add to the beauty, it rained the whole day. So I walked on the red coloured unpaved road to find this beautiful place.

hundreds of coconut trees would give you a welcome glance to experience the beauty of the backwaters

The water was dark but clear in the middle. Grass in varied nuances of green and different sizes covered the edges of the backwaters. Scores of ducks fluttered its wings to get closer to the land before the next big rain.

Indeed the backwaters of Alleppey beckon you to spend more time in the quaint atmosphere. You will not even mind the never ending rain.


an upside down reflection of the coconut trees

duck on red sand

hope you will get an opportunity to walk on this road