travelling couple

having a quiet conversation

having a quiet conversation

it is the latest rage to travel alone; they say ‘it leads you to self exploration’. Since I am yet to experience it, cannot vouch for that. So as of now, I believe in travelling together, with friends, family or colleagues. Travelling in company has its own benefits. When I say company, I don’t mean that I only prefer 10 people. Not at all. One can enjoy the pleasures of travelling and the place more when travelling with the person you love the most. Like a close mate or your companion. It helps you be calm and sure about the surrounding. Moreover, you can be relaxed about the ever inquisitive strangers. I agree that not every stranger is a monster. The quiet conversations, those little arguments over luggage and fretting about last minute shopping; the travelling couple would have hundreds of such stories. It certainly gives an opportunity to plan and dream about a trip. Especially as you age, travelling together will make you fall in love again and again.

a couple checking the luggage together

a couple checking the luggage together


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