Month: August 2016

the cycle brigade


While travelling through the hillside villages of Bharuch on a warm July afternoon, I met this group of enthusiastic boys on cycle. While I was languishing in a rickety Bolero with a tele-lens mounted camera, they were having the time of their life on the unpredictable yet familiar roads. Many of you would surely relate with such escapades on cycle.


It was a holiday for them. More than the children, I was happy to find them. For those who travel, children following you in villages are a common sight, especially if you smile and be warm to them. Believe me, these are the true joy of travelling. No big take aways, no resort hoping, but some unconditional memories and of course little tiredness too.


closest heaven on earth


The day was born early
Trumpets of wind and rain on the closed train window
Shook me up from the slumber
And brought a smile on my face
For, I was soon to be on a never been traveled road
Through the curves and pits of Kankavali
The rain drenched red sands and the chirping streams took me
To the heaven on earth, the closest one probably.