curious observer

gate way of india is one of the main attraction for people who visit bombay (i dont want to call it mumbai, i still hang on to bombay, how i love old things), especially people like me (from small town). apart from the street hawkers, policemen and localities, you can never miss the dozens of one-minute photographers with polaroid prints. like her adult counterparts, this little kid too was fascinated with the photo printing process, she sat through the printing of many photographs of her own kin, others and ours (i, along with friends).


magical clouds

just before the onset of monsoon, the clouds present an impeccable look like the soon to be wedded bride. the otherwise sunny and hot mornings of ahmedabad suddenly becomes fresh. the fleet of magical clouds gives a much needed respite and ignites the dreams of sleeping in a cool clime.

the chaos of traffic vanishes as i travel under the magical clouds

the respite is not just for me, but for them too

the sky is falling…not at all, its just the magical clouds

woes of ashoka

the silent town of junagadh is a travelers paradise. in each gully there is something to explore and experience. among many places, king ashoka’s rock edicts are worth visiting in junagadh. the historical prominence of ashoka in the valley of mighty Girnar is seen from the rock edict displayed here, unfortunately the building collapsed few months back. hope not much damage has happened to the edicts. this was the entrance to the rock edict.

Ashoka's woes