dancing in white dress

that day the morning was born
with her desire to get dressed in a white dress
and why not, she was to dance that evening
she ran around to put together matching accessories in white
carefully searched for those white hair clips in her little vanity box
happiness knew no bound, when she found a glowing white necklace of rounded beads
with bangles and diamond like earrings adorning her tiny ear lobes
she looked like a little princess in her perfectly white and flowing dress made with net
with her tiny feet balancing on the wooden platform
that evening she danced like never before

diya, beautiful daughter of my friend


taking me along

in many ways he led me to pursue my interest in photography and ofcourse to put it up for fellow beings to see. He ignited the desire to travel, travel to far away places like greenland (havent gone there yet, dont have passport) but atleast he could get me start dreaming about it. now even with few photos and little words, i am happy to pursue my interest.

naveed, my friend

curious observer

gate way of india is one of the main attraction for people who visit bombay (i dont want to call it mumbai, i still hang on to bombay, how i love old things), especially people like me (from small town). apart from the street hawkers, policemen and localities, you can never miss the dozens of one-minute photographers with polaroid prints. like her adult counterparts, this little kid too was fascinated with the photo printing process, she sat through the printing of many photographs of her own kin, others and ours (i, along with friends).