Painting by Alwin Paul

We were the best friends from ages
Stood up for each other
Climbed the cashew trees with ease
Stomped the neighbourhood villa
All for a couple of guava
Cracked a few jokes with lovely aunties on lazy summer afternoons
And escaped from the scathing sights of naughty uncles
Life, just went by like a lullaby to the newborn
Until I crossed the mirror
As I did, I lost my friend
Who until then followed me like a shadow
I bet you have seen my friend
As my friend is for real

[to my most loving, but lost friend]


anxiety of childhood

A child living in ashram shala (residential school) in Valsad district of Gujarat. Valsad has distinct tribal population and many of the families cannot afford education for their children especially in their village or at nearby places. This leaves no option for the parents, who get their children enrolled in ashram shalas. Ashram shalas take care of education along with stay and food.


2_anxiety of childhood_sajitha charles