coral & its people

i belong to a coastal village, still haven’t seen corals or molluscs like the way i saw them at Narara. Almost 66 kms away from the city of Jamnagar lies Narara, a heaven for various marine species. And this is where i saw corals for the first time. The most amazing part of this place is that, you don’t have to dive into sea to see corals (especially its easy for people like me, who cannot swim). When there is low tide the water level recedes to upto 2 km, which enables us to see the beauty and lives of corals and scores of other marine species. Narara is most frequented by local tourists and people who are aware of this place. However, people need to be more sensitive towards handling the corals. The best thing you can do is, let the corals be the way it is.

Narara hosts a wide range of marine life, from octopus to crabs; you can find almost all of them. Local fishermen often come to Narara to catch crabs. Though Narara has a thriving marine life, sighting is depended on your luck, well almost.

a long view of narara, when sea water ebbs


the natural pattern on sand, footprints occasionally disturbs the patterns

top view of a coral species

a neptune crab paying hide and seek

fishermen on foot