heritage all around us

The ethos of India is beautifully etched on the many architectural marvels all around us. My early memories of visiting a heritage site dates back to 1993, when I was taken to Lal Darwaja one of the busiest market places of Ahmedabad. Thanks to my mother for holding on to her amused daughter of 13 years of age and showing around the city that was built more than 600 years ago. Here in Ahmedabad, my journey started. Work, yearly trips and an adventurous husband has taken me to few parts of the country. This collage is made from the trips made in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Goa and Kerala. These places have the signature architectural styles and patterns of the Mughal, Portuguese, Mewar, Maurya, Rajput, Indo-Saracenic and the Muzzaffarid as well as Solanki dynasty. This is a small tribute to the spectacular heritage of India.


land of stepwell

women are known as the water carriers, though few men would disagree with that. I am talking about carrying water on head with such balance, which seriously is an awe inspiring sight. Hats off to such courageous and strong women. For city dwellers like me, it’s a non-achievable feat. But years ago, somewhere in early AD 1000, a woman (obviously a queen) thought of building a stepwell for the people, i am sure, she must have thought about the women too. The architecture of the stepwell (locally known as vav) is magnificent, the pillared multi-stored pavilions and beautiful sculptures would leave you mesmerized. If you have a look at the water history of india, stepwells were one of the most prominent water conservation method in use then. Those who are visiting can plan a day trip to patan. The stepwell of patan is popularly called rani no vav (translation would be queen’s stepwell) has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in June 22, 2014.

side view of the stepwell

side view of the stepwell