queen of arabian sea

this is the land I belong to. My native. Vypin is one of the most inhabited islands and is also part of a group of islands scattered around the Vembanad lake and the Arabian sea. Vypin was formed in the early 1300 AD followed by heavy floods. The beauty of my land is matchless. Its proximity to the buzzing commercial city of Ernakulam and to the charming old city of Kochi has made it easy for the travellers to explore. Also the inevitable development in terms of ports and ships. The mood in the island tip of Vypin is different when it dusk sets in. Some of the shots from Vypin, hope you would like.


the church of our lady of hope in vypin


a cargo ship entering to kochi (dubai port)


hues of dusk at vembanad lake while going through the goshree bridge that connects city to the vypin island


the traditional chinese fishing nets facing the port town of kochi


varied expressions

this was taken at siyal beyt (siyal island) in Gujarat where i met a curious set of children. Expression and reaction of each face was different from each other. The island is unique in many ways like it looks like a saucer, it has 999 step wells etc. Step wells are old system of water harvesting which has much architectural prominence in India. It was taken with a manual SLR and then scanned.

13_varied expressions_sajitha charles