What I call home


we were a gang of five who stomped this ground day and night and loved each day of it. now we enjoy to cuddle up whenever we get time 🙂

Only lucky ones have a place to call home. So was I. For thirteen years this was my home, where I learnt to walk, run, laugh, cry and what not. Today as I look back, what I can see is that I am a reflection of this home and its surrounding. Every nook and corner of this home are so attached to my heart that I am living more in memories than in present. Which is why, so often I fail to adjust to changes which my heart cannot recognize. People close to me would surely vouch for my love for Pallipuram, just because I have bored them to death by narrating endless stories; stories of childhood friend, collecting stamps, stealing toffees, skipping school bus, innumerable romeos, spooky uncles and so on. However, what stands tall and prominent in the memory is the home. Now that the old home is renovated and is no longer seen, what remains is the new one with few parts of its past.

So I am in love with the old and living in the past. Hence would share with you all, what I miss the most each moment, while I am almost 2000 kms away. And thanks to Alwin, who prompted me to take the mobile and walk around while sitting and sulking about leaving home yet again.


the cycle brigade


While travelling through the hillside villages of Bharuch on a warm July afternoon, I met this group of enthusiastic boys on cycle. While I was languishing in a rickety Bolero with a tele-lens mounted camera, they were having the time of their life on the unpredictable yet familiar roads. Many of you would surely relate with such escapades on cycle.


It was a holiday for them. More than the children, I was happy to find them. For those who travel, children following you in villages are a common sight, especially if you smile and be warm to them. Believe me, these are the true joy of travelling. No big take aways, no resort hoping, but some unconditional memories and of course little tiredness too.

woes of ashoka

the silent town of junagadh is a travelers paradise. in each gully there is something to explore and experience. among many places, king ashoka’s rock edicts are worth visiting in junagadh. the historical prominence of ashoka in the valley of mighty Girnar is seen from the rock edict displayed here, unfortunately the building collapsed few months back. hope not much damage has happened to the edicts. this was the entrance to the rock edict.

Ashoka's woes

varied expressions

this was taken at siyal beyt (siyal island) in Gujarat where i met a curious set of children. Expression and reaction of each face was different from each other. The island is unique in many ways like it looks like a saucer, it has 999 step wells etc. Step wells are old system of water harvesting which has much architectural prominence in India. It was taken with a manual SLR and then scanned.

13_varied expressions_sajitha charles