the cycle brigade


While travelling through the hillside villages of Bharuch on a warm July afternoon, I met this group of enthusiastic boys on cycle. While I was languishing in a rickety Bolero with a tele-lens mounted camera, they were having the time of their life on the unpredictable yet familiar roads. Many of you would surely relate with such escapades on cycle.


It was a holiday for them. More than the children, I was happy to find them. For those who travel, children following you in villages are a common sight, especially if you smile and be warm to them. Believe me, these are the true joy of travelling. No big take aways, no resort hoping, but some unconditional memories and of course little tiredness too.


tales of tail

i have been a great fan of kapish, the wonder monkey of comic world. most of the non-school days and vacations were spent in close company with kapish and similar other characters. hope you remember the ‘the tales of tail’. people love monkeys, some worship them and few also consider them as nuisance. whatever you think, monkeys have a long historical significance in the indian epics.

in a common man/woman’s parlance, being called a “monkey’’ is not respectful as it is regarded as being less beautiful with not much grey cells. however, we have enough many stories to prove that wrong. the most stunning characteristic of a monkey is the way it cares for its younger brood. these images are just an example of its love for its children.

learning from the mother

giving love and courage to the younger one

giving that confident look

in others skin: a behrupiya

the search for amusement and entertainment leads us to many art forms. Behrupiya is one such form of traditional art, wherein the person adorns someone else’s personality and changes the look through different costumes, make up and other paraphernalia, obviously to amuse people and earn a living. Behrupiya (in Hindi) means an impressionist, often seen at any celebrations in India. Be at weddings, temples, on street, busy market areas and so on. Though, with the passing time, the sight is becoming rare. Like many artists, they too struggle to make ends meet. With the passing years, it is quite possible that this art form would live only in pictures. Next time you meet one such artist, make sure to help.


the walk

there she was, all of two years, a robust female, walking graciously towards me. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Am I dreaming or is it for real. Though just a while ago I had seen a pride, this sight was unbelievable. With each step, my excitement turned into an unknown fear, with a look from her, straight into my eyes. Suddenly the distance grew less and then lesser. What a beauty she was, a lioness all of just two years (which I could only know later from the driver of safari jeep). The experience of seeing a lioness so close and so near was surreal. I closed my eyes and devoured the beauty of her in my mind. Suddenly, taking photographs of her was not the priority.

stillness of thol

who said, when everything is still life becomes boring. Stillness has its own beauty. When there is stillness, you can listen to your inner voices telling you to slow down and calm your nerves. In an urge to become a metro city, my city too is aping the follies of other faster cities. What a blessing, few stretches like this are remaining, to enjoy the stillness of life.

Thol Bird Sanctuary is a fresh water lake surrounded by marshes and is closer to Ahmedabad

shopping is everyones cup of tea

in a man’s dictionary the word shopping is often a synonym for a girl, lady or woman, usually of all sizes and colour. Now if you disagree, i am with you, because i too believe that men too are equally drawn towards shopping (be it for himself or for others). Check out this picture and see for yourself. Or may be the other unknown story could be, he is tired of walking along, while she shops. The picture is taken at Linking road, one of the busiest shopping streets of Bombay.

curious observer

gate way of india is one of the main attraction for people who visit bombay (i dont want to call it mumbai, i still hang on to bombay, how i love old things), especially people like me (from small town). apart from the street hawkers, policemen and localities, you can never miss the dozens of one-minute photographers with polaroid prints. like her adult counterparts, this little kid too was fascinated with the photo printing process, she sat through the printing of many photographs of her own kin, others and ours (i, along with friends).

coral & its people

i belong to a coastal village, still haven’t seen corals or molluscs like the way i saw them at Narara. Almost 66 kms away from the city of Jamnagar lies Narara, a heaven for various marine species. And this is where i saw corals for the first time. The most amazing part of this place is that, you don’t have to dive into sea to see corals (especially its easy for people like me, who cannot swim). When there is low tide the water level recedes to upto 2 km, which enables us to see the beauty and lives of corals and scores of other marine species. Narara is most frequented by local tourists and people who are aware of this place. However, people need to be more sensitive towards handling the corals. The best thing you can do is, let the corals be the way it is.

Narara hosts a wide range of marine life, from octopus to crabs; you can find almost all of them. Local fishermen often come to Narara to catch crabs. Though Narara has a thriving marine life, sighting is depended on your luck, well almost.

a long view of narara, when sea water ebbs


the natural pattern on sand, footprints occasionally disturbs the patterns

top view of a coral species

a neptune crab paying hide and seek

fishermen on foot