shopping is everyones cup of tea

in a man’s dictionary the word shopping is often a synonym for a girl, lady or woman, usually of all sizes and colour. Now if you disagree, i am with you, because i too believe that men too are equally drawn towards shopping (be it for himself or for others). Check out this picture and see for yourself. Or may be the other unknown story could be, he is tired of walking along, while she shops. The picture is taken at Linking road, one of the busiest shopping streets of Bombay.


bazaar so BIG

some 10-15 years ago, this building changed the face of iskon circle. It is the Big bazaar, which soon became the epitome of “affordable” retail. What remain now are the remnants of its recent history. It doesn’t take half a century to find a place in history now. Today buildings are made only to be broken to make better and bigger places for us, not to forget for a BETTER tomorrow. Is it the lack of plan or want of more profit. Alas, it is for our “better” future.

curious observer

gate way of india is one of the main attraction for people who visit bombay (i dont want to call it mumbai, i still hang on to bombay, how i love old things), especially people like me (from small town). apart from the street hawkers, policemen and localities, you can never miss the dozens of one-minute photographers with polaroid prints. like her adult counterparts, this little kid too was fascinated with the photo printing process, she sat through the printing of many photographs of her own kin, others and ours (i, along with friends).