Month: October 2014

face to face

wilson hill of Dharampur taluka, Valsad is one of the few hill stations of Gujarat. The Chatri (literal translation would be umbrella) situated on top of the hill offers an endearing view of the Western Ghats. The view from Chatri makes two angular faces, which seems to be in conversation till eternity. Folklore says that Lady Wilson, wife of Lord Wilson, the then Governor of Bombay (1923 – 1928) used to frequent this place and rest in the shadow of Chatri and enjoy the serene atmosphere.


stillness of thol

who said, when everything is still life becomes boring. Stillness has its own beauty. When there is stillness, you can listen to your inner voices telling you to slow down and calm your nerves. In an urge to become a metro city, my city too is aping the follies of other faster cities. What a blessing, few stretches like this are remaining, to enjoy the stillness of life.

Thol Bird Sanctuary is a fresh water lake surrounded by marshes and is closer to Ahmedabad

marching soldiers

city palace in udaipur, rajasthan is a paradise for art lovers. the palace has abundant collection of murals and paintings, which makes it an easy attraction for tourists. the walls are adorned with murals of animals to beautiful women. while taking a stroll in the palace, i saw this painting, which showed a king and his entourage getting ready for the big war, with all armoury. however, what got my attention was what the artist had captured so beautifully, the marching soldiers in conversation with each other. what they must have been sharing, about family, not able to spend enough time with wife/girl friend/ boy friend, lack of money, and so on. problems to ponder upon must not have been less even then. enjoy the picture and do visit city palace, next time when you are in udaipur.

taking me along

in many ways he led me to pursue my interest in photography and ofcourse to put it up for fellow beings to see. He ignited the desire to travel, travel to far away places like greenland (havent gone there yet, dont have passport) but atleast he could get me start dreaming about it. now even with few photos and little words, i am happy to pursue my interest.

naveed, my friend